Monday, February 13, 2017

The Size 4 Quest

I realize that I have been on...essentially a hiatus.  I just needed a break.  I'm back and I have a new quest: to get back down to a size 4.

I know that there are readers out there who are thinking: "Just be happy with the size you're at.  You're beautiful..."  I hate it when people say that shit.  I do not like being fat.  I do not like having to figure out how to "hide that roll".

This is how I feel.
I am 5' 3-1/2" tall.  I am roughly 200 lbs.  I have spent a lot of time in my life working out and lifting weights, so my weight is going to be higher than a regular person.  I fully accept that.  For a long time I worked out until I finally went in to have my thyroid checked.  Turns out I had a hypothyroid.  I keep it in check through diet and exercise.  After that, I got myself down from a 12/14 to a 4/6 and I felt absolutely fantastic.  For my frame, a size 4 looks pretty good and I felt very healthy.  Due to stress primarily, I found out that I currently have adrenal exhaustion.  This is why, for the last two years or so, I have been gaining size and having a tough time reducing.  I don't even know what size I currently am - I think a 10/12?  My pants are stretchy and ambiguously say Medium on the tag.

Of course, step one for this was getting my butt to the doctor.  I don't use a standard doctor, I prefer the natural medicine doctors who advocate eating properly, exercise, and the use of supplements until you are A-Okay.  A good example is my hypothyroidism.  I avoided having to be on any permanent meds (which is common for anyone who goes to a regular doctor) by taking a regiment of special thyroid supplements for a quarter, until my thyroid levels returned to normal.  This was also hand-in-hand with eating paleo and exercising 5 days a week.

I am super happy that I don't have to dish out money every month for thyroid medicine.

My doctor said that due to my adrenal exhaustion, I should keep the exercising minimal and definitely NOT high intensity.  My 30 minute run at the gym is perfect.  At least, I don't have to switch that up.  Apparently, the high intensity exercise, on top of the stress that induced the glandular malfunction, only helped to shut things down a little faster.  I'm totally okay with my morning run.  I tend to run about 3.85-4.0 miles in 30 minutes.

Food-wise, I've been trying to keep it simple.  I tend to have eggs in the morning.  I take a break for lunch and get myself a bag of salad.  I have an early dinner of fish or chicken and broccoli.  I tend to have raisins, nuts, a cube of crystallized ginger, or nice cream for an after dinner snack.  I realize that I could buy 5 bags of salad for the week, but it is kind of nice stepping away from the workplace around lunch.

I work well with a reward system, as I have found.  I drop a pants size, maybe I get a pair of shoes or new pants or whatever.  I also reward myself, after dropping at least 2 pants sizes, by getting rid of those larger items in my closet.  I just bag it up and drop it off at Salvation Army on my Saturday errand running.  There is a great sense of relief when I do this, so I recommend that other people give it a go.  It's like telling yourself that you can't wear those big clothes because you are smaller now.

In the last two weeks I have realized that I desperately need a vacation.  My new ultimate reward is to get down to a 4/6 and take myself on another trip to London (my favorite city ever).  On my quest to reach a size 4/6, I plan on getting some new pants, a new dress, and a new pair of shoes.

In my evenings and spare time, I have been avidly working on writing projects.  This means that I sit on my ass for most of the day.  I was thinking about getting a cheap exercise bike.  Any recommendations?  Suggestions?  My thought was that I could get on and ride for an episode of some tv show, just to get me active in the evening.

In an effort to keep it simple, I'm finding that I absolutely need variation.  Does anyone have any suggestions for quick, paleo, party-of-1 dinners?  I literally just have a bowl of broccoli while I wait for my plain fish or plain chicken to cook, which I then use some sort of dipping sauce.

I will keep blogging about this since it seems to keep me more focused on eating properly and staying on task.  I am always up for suggestions and questions and comments.


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