Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 12

I have a new page up top - look for 'Accent Files'.  That's where I will keep all my information on teaching yourself the Transatlantic Accent (or TA Accent).

Keep in mind that you have to actually say stuff out loud in order for this to work.  This is a difficult thing for me as I'm quiet most of the time.

Today I have a video blog post for you.  I wanted to show you the men's shirts I've made.  I don't have them for sale right now.  They're all men's medium.  Are people even interested in buy them?

Tonight is Toe-Feast Night.  I'm a big nerd.  It's a made up holiday by Brian Froud.  My friend and I decided that March 18th was a good date for Toe-Feast Night.  Brian Froud describes it as being a night for games, drinking, and obviously - eating toes (or toe-shaped food).  Since it was mentioned in Goblins of The Labyrinth, we have adopted it into the Labyrinth fandom.

For Toe-Feast Night, I made a foot-shaped meatloaf.

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