Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 5 & Day 6

I want to start by saying that Day 4 ended with me deep cleaning my apartment - 3/4 of the way, watching 'Moonraker', and sewing.  If forgot about drinking wine until right before I went to bed.  Figures.

Currently, I am making my way through the Bond films in the order in which they were published.

Day 5
I spent my day putting together Sewing 101 A, running a few errands, and filming myself for Sewing 101 B.  Why?  Sometimes I wonder.  I had a terrible time converting files from MOD to MP4 so I could get things edited.

I did spend my evening taking a bath with a coconut cream bath bomb and a hydrating face mask, playing my bass guitar, and watching 'Unsolved Mysteries' reruns on Amazon.

I want to say thanks to Raven Rose.  I picked up some liquid lipstick in American Doll by Anastasia from Ulta on Day 5 - recommended by her.  I miss her since she moved from Alaska to Nevada.  You can check out her rockabilly beauty product reviews, DIY, and tips HERE.  Below I've posted one of her videos.  She is a blast!

Day 6
It's Sunday.  Last night, while watching 'Unsolved Mysteries', I found a useful file converter.  I've been converting my MOD files to MP4 so I can get my video stuff edited for everyone.  It's keeping me busy, so I would venture to say that it's positive and relaxing.

My morning movie is Radio Days.  It's about a family and how their lives revolved around the home radio in the 40s.  It's funny.  It's a Woody Allen film.   Huh....maybe I should make a list of films.....*wheels are turning*

My plans for today.....I really have no idea.  I've been thinking about doing some spring cleaning.  I know a lot of people groan, but I find it cathartic and I like to do it about 3 times a year.  I get rid of things I don't use or wear.  I clean.  I try to make my space more idealized for myself.  I prefer a minimal setting which is hard with dogs.  I have two labs.  My parents (also my neighbors) have an akita/husky mix (technically my sister's dog).  My sister brings her two dogs to work - an American bulldog and a French mastiff.  No small dogs here.

I'm currently going through the process of sewing any projects I haven't gotten to, in an effort to clean up my sewing area.  I think I'm going to make an attempt to clear out some of my books.  This is a major ordeal for me.  I have a lot of trouble letting go of my beloved books.

Since I'm watching Radio Days, I want to say - again - that I would LOVE to form a group of people who want to work on their speech.  I would love to have that TransAtlantic Accent (aka "old timey radio accent").  I naturally introverted, but when I get going, I can talk your ear off.  Would anyone be willing to do this with me?  Comment below.

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