Monday, March 6, 2017

Positive & Relaxing Self-Challenge

I have been scouring the internet and pinterest for tips to deal with adrenal exhaustion.  One thing that I kept coming across was the suggestion to do something positive and relaxing.  I thought about it and I really do not do this on a regular basis.  I mean, I watch tv while I do other things (such as write this blog post), but is that really "relaxing"?

On a whim, I decided to challenge myself to a 2-week Positive & Relaxing Challenge.  Everyday I have to do something that is positive and relaxing.

I can't tell you how anxious this makes me.  LOL   What the hell can I do that is positive and relaxing?

Here are the few things I came up with:

  • Taking a bath.  I actually love taking a bath and reading my Writer's Digest.
  • Walking through Regents Park.  Oh wait, I have to be in London to do that...
  • Walking in the early morning, enjoying coffee, watching the Hawaiian sun rise.  Nope.  Can't do that either.  The current temperature in Alaska is -17F.  This morning it was like -35F or so.
  • Meditation.  I spend my days fairly isolated.  Do I really want more time within my mind?  I feel like I do this all the time.
  • Tanning.  I am planning on tanning starting tomorrow morning.  It's never a really long time, but I always feel better after I tan.
  • Playing music.  I have to be in the right mood to play.  It is relaxing and rewarding.  I generally spend an hour or so playing bass guitar 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Hiking.  Not this time of year.  I used to go hiking all the time during my short stint in Oregon.
  • Gardening.  I really love being around plants.  I know greenhouses are starting to hire.  Do I take on a second job part-time?
Okay.  I am terrible at this.  I am like Ben Wyatt in the video.  What do I get myself when I splurge?  Socks.  I literally did that like 3 weeks ago.  I bought underwear the next week.  Splurge?  Why yes, the three pack cost like $22 or something and that seems REALLY EXPENSIVE for basic underwear.

Please comment and leave some suggestions on how to relax.  I tend to associate relaxing with being bored.  Help help help!!!


  1. I sew to relax me. Mostly basic quilt patterns. I also play Hawaiian music on Pandora while I'm sewing ( I'm Hawaiian!). I also find that reading a book at a coffee shop is relaxing to me. I hope this helps!

  2. I love to sew, but I told myself that I won't sew anything clothing-wise for myself until I drop a pant size - it's an effort to encourage myself. I love Hawaiian music. I'm not Hawaiian, but I absolutely love Hawaii!


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