Thursday, March 23, 2017

Transatlantic Accent Thursday #2

It's the second week for the Transatlantic Accent!  As promised, it is Thursday and time for new learning material.


Week 1 was basically an introduction while also getting you used to saying a bunch of crazy stuff.  It was also designed to get a fair amount of words and sounds that might trip you up.  What did you have trouble with?  What did you find easy?

Week 2 has some interesting face, neck, and jaw warm ups on the Vocal Warm Up sheet.  I also chose to add in sounds - voiced and voiceless consonant sounds.  To speak better, you have to know a little about where the sounds are coming from.  If you have your Edith Skinner book, this is all in the first chapter.  In this week's worksheet, we have basic word pronunciations!  Yep, I think this is the start to really picking up the accent.

I have some articles and videos that you can check out as well.

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