Saturday, April 15, 2017

Made A Shirt

I made a shirt today!   I had some vintage patterns come in and I had some extra fabric lying around.

1940s pattern.  I made 2A.

I altered the waistband just a little bit.

I added an elastic section to the back to let the top move a little easier.
 I'm going to wear this with my swing trousers.  It fits pretty comfortably, but not with the sweatpants I have on.  I had to adjust the sleeves, of course, but that's okay.  I've been losing size on my arms, so as I lose size, I can always adjust the sleeves. *thumbs up*

I used a polyester fabric that would probably be better for a skirt or trousers, but this is fine.  It simply won't be something I wear on a hot day.  It will be perfect for rainy days, fall, winter, and spring.

I wasn't expecting to sew anything today.

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