Monday, April 3, 2017

Product Review: Simple Mills Paleo Chocolate Muffin Mix

I was looking around Amazon and came across Simple Mills.  They offer specialty baking mixes.  I'm always skeptical, but was interested because they have a line of paleo mixes.  The first thing I did was to check out the ingredients and all were satisfactory.  There wasn't some kind of hidden thing that I'm not supposed to eat.

So....I ordered a 3-pack that included chocolate muffin mix, chocolate chip mix, and a flatbread mix.  This review is only on the chocolate muffin mix.

First off, if you look at the packaging it says Only 8g of Sugar.  That's coconut sugar.  I have a bag of coconut sugar in my cabinet, so I'm okay with it.  It's not very sweet.  I'm okay with that.  I suppose you could always add your preferred sweetener to it, but I suggest not.  If you want to add a little sweetness, maybe add some dark chocolate chips.

One of my biggest concerns was the texture.  I thought this might just end up as a spongey, oddly moist, wrong texture sort of a lot of my paleo baking mishaps.  I was pleasantly surprised that it came out feeling and tasting a lot like a standard muffin/cupcake.  SO HAPPY that it had the proper texture.

The box said that it could make 12 cupcakes/muffins, but I only managed to fill 11 cupcake pots.

My only complaint is that it was a little dry.  Now that I know that, I can buy this again and just add a little applesauce to the mix.  That tends to help make a more moist cake, so it should help with this - right?  Despite the dryness of the muffin/cupcake, it was great with coffee.  I also had a little butter with it, that also tasted phenomenal.

This is a product I will definitely be purchasing again.

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