Thursday, April 6, 2017

Transatlantic Thursday #4 - 2 Week Special

Week 4 for the Transatlantic Accent!


Week 4 is going to be similar to week 3, but this time we are working on the rest of the vowel sounds.  This is going to be a special 2-week ordeal because it requires a lot of practice.  Next week, I will post a review worksheet for everything up through the vowels.  If you have recorded yourself, you might want to use the review as a way to gauge your progression.

You will notice that there is an Ask List of Words.  These are words have have multiple pronunciations.  You'll go over these things in the worksheet.  The Ask List of Words is a worksheet follow up.

Due to this being a 2-week special everything is a bit longer than normal.  I tried making the warm ups short and fun!

Articles and Videos below.

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