Thursday, April 13, 2017

Transatlantic Thursday #5 - Review

Phonetic Chart, click to enlarge

It's week 5 and, as promised, I don't have a series of worksheets for you.  Only a review of stuff, plus 3 new monologues!

Here is:
I've been thinking about the transatlantic accent a lot in the last month.  If you are teaching yourself the transatlantic accent, I really hope you answer these few questions on your blog, vlog, or whatever platform you prefer.  #TransatlanticAccent
  1. What got you interested in the transatlantic accent?
  2. Who are your top three actors who speak with a transatlantic accent?
  3. It's been 5 weeks now.  Have you noticed any changes to your speech patterns or speech sounds?
  4. Where do you feel your problem areas are with speech?  What are your strong areas of speech?
  5. Since starting to learn this accent, do you feel that you are able to communicate better on a daily basis?
  6. Since starting to learn this accent, have you noticed how other people talk and does anything annoy you that you didn't notice before?
  7. What would you suggest to people who are starting with Week 1?
I have these questions answered in vlog post below.

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