Saturday, May 6, 2017

Creating a Minimal Mid-Century Modern Space, Part 3

The following are the few items I have collected over the years that I am so happy to own!  These help my space to look unique.

This is my mom's parents' 1941 RCA Victorola.  It needs to be fixed, which is a special process so the bulbs don't explode.  Below, I have the two top doors open.

This is my wonderful Joybird couch.  It's one of the first really BIG purchases that I've ever made - aside from travel expenses.  This is the Hughes Chaise Sofa, in case you're wondering.

One of my aunts found these pillow covers.  They look like burlap, but they're really soft.  The beaded curtain print matches the couch.  I actually pulled these out at Christmas and never put them back.  I just like having them.

My mom found these old tv trays with a stand. They're a little scuffed up.  I've been thinking about repainting them.  Do I keep the checkerboard pattern or do I come up with my own pattern?

 My kitchen small tikis.  Tiki mugs, a tiki lamp, and tiki figures from Hawaii.  I even have a skull cookie jar that holds dog treats.  Also, random cowboy that was my grandma's figurine.

This was a Christmas present this year.  It works pretty well.  I really like it.

8 Cool MCM Items

1. Brighten Your Space With A Mobile  $79-149.  Purchase as-is, customize your colors, pastels, or even glow in the dark.

2. By The Lamp Light!  Colorful Finials contact for price.  Offering atomic, molecule, and artsy lamp finials.  These are lamp toppers that provide a little extra oomf!

3. Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper price varies.  Add a MCM style to your walls or just to an accent wall.

4. Post-War & Atomic Wallpaper  $76-81/roll.  This wallpaper is a little more tone down than that of the Double E Company.


5. Add Some Unique Tiles  price varies.

6. Plant It With A Bullet $170-180 (depending on size) bullet planter.  I have it shown in rattan, but these bullet planters come in a wide variety of colors and leg finishes.  Great for indoors or outdoors.  They also have a mini version!

7. The Shop With A Little Everything  prices vary.  Retro Planet has a bunch of stuff - clocks, kitchenware, signs, gifts, etc.

8. Retrograde Your Landline and are the two best places to get refurbished or reproduction phones that are ready for you to use.
1940s wall phone - Erico
1959 princess phone - World to Home

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