Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I'm Sick (Has it been 2 years?)

I rarely get sick.  My sister was kind enough to share her germs with me.  That sore throat turned into a sinus thing.

I feel like I'm tethered to something underwater....kind of like a floaty feeling but also firmly in place.  I would like to thank TheraFlu and Delsym for this little adventure in fuzzy skin feelings and mental fog.

Also, thanks Stash Tea for the Moroccan Mint, my go-to work tea.

I would like to report that I have gone for almost 15 minutes without reaching for a kleenex.

What sucks?  I'll tell you what sucks: You live above the office in one of two apartments, your boss/dad lives in the other, and you're not allowed to "go home sick".

It's okay.  I have 2 whole months of paid vacation time saved up.  At some point, I will go on vacation and it will be glorious!

I'm disappointed in myself for getting sick.

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