Monday, December 11, 2017

My First Weigh-In

Made a Putz House this weekend.  I'm looking chubby.
I'm doing my first weigh-in today.  I like to do this first thing in the morning, right after I get up and pee.  I haven't eaten anything.  I've gone to the bathroom.  I always feel like it's a good time of day for this sort of thing.

Start weight is 200.3 lbs.  Pant size 8/10.

Short term goal 180 lbs.  Pant size 6/8.

Long term goal 155 lbs.  Pant size 4/6.

I went to the gym today.  I haven't been there in 2 weeks and I was definitely feeling it.  I always consider the first week to be the "learning week".  You have to get yourself on your new gym routine and sometimes the first week can be a real bitch.  Just go with it.   Today, for example, I was having some allergy issues.  My sinuses were acting up, one eye was tearing up for my whole run, my tear ducts were awesome *sarcasm*.   I ran for 25 minutes before saying "enough!"  It's not 30 minutes, but it's close.

I think I'm going to tan on my cardio days.  I didn't tan today.  I need to run for 30 minutes in order to allow myself to tan.  Effort = Reward

This morning, I was happy to eat my chocolate chia pudding and drink a hot cup of coffee.  I have some grapefruit in the fridge that I might dig into.  I really love pink grapefruit.    Side track: If you love tea, Adagio Tea makes a fantastic Grapefruit Oolong tea.

If you would like to connect with me on MyFitnessPal, here is MY PROFILE.  I'd be happy to add you as a friend.


Also, I made a Putz House this weekend over at my friend's, Deanna, house.  In the picture above, mine is yellow, Deanna's house is blue.  Vintage crafting is something we both enjoy.  Deanna runs a facebook blog called Vintage A La Mode.  She is currently trying out vintage cocktails.

Putz Houses are small cardboard houses that are meant to be displayed around Christmas.  Typically they are covered in glitter - as was ours.  You paint them, glitter them, decorate them.  The ones we made have a hole in the bottom for a tea light.

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