Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tricks To Stay On Track With Diet & Exercise

I always start out strong with changes, but then something comes Tuesday it was my b-day, my mom took me for Mexican food on Wednesday, yesterday my mom brought me and my sister a co-bday pie, and today it's my sister's b-day.  Just enough crap going on this week to make me NOT want to start something new, right?   Actually, it was perfect for getting everything planned, cleaning out my kitchen, and getting my butt to the store for groceries.

Here are some of my tricks to stay on track with everything.  I find that the more I do these things, the better I do with diet and exercise.

  • Track your food intake and exercise using (free) or some other tracking app.  The cool thing about this is that you can use it online or as a phone app.  You can add your own recipes, add your own exercises (if you can't find it), and do the occasional weigh-ins.  There are options for setting your own weightloss goals and displaying those goals on a website/blog (as I have in the sidebar), you can alter your intake goals of protein/fat/carbs (I tend to go for 40/30/30), you can connect with others through the app, and you can even start a fitness blog through the app.    Why track everything?  Not everyone needs to.  My sister doesn't track stuff.  I find that it helps me be more aware of what I'm eating and I don't cheat as much.  It also helps me get to the gym because it gives me a visual of my activities.
  • Don't concern yourself with calorie goals, just try to meet your macros (protein/fat/carb).  I know that I'm supposed to have a goal of about 1500 calories - according to almost everyone and every website.  If I eat the way I like to eat, 1200 calories is my usual goal.  I DO NOT STARVE.  Protein and fats tell my body when I'm full.  They trigger that "I'm full" switch.  Carbs don't do that.  I can eat a whole loaf of bread and still be hungry, whereas I can eat 4oz of meat and a bowl of veggies and be completely full.  It means I know how to feel full on less food.  Also, I totally meet my macros.  The carbs I eat are fruits and veggies.  You can eat a lot of fruits and veggies, ingesting very few calories.  1 cup broccoli = 55 calories.  1 12" baguette = 400 calories.  See what I mean?
  • Search pinterest for recipes and create your own diet board.  This is kind of fun and you can really get excited about trying some new recipes.  I'm actually trying to make my own bone broth.  I'm excited!  Look for easy food or crockpot recipes or large batch recipes.  I have found that the easier you make it to eat, the less trouble you're going to have.  I do a lot of pasta-less lasagna/casseroles and crockpot recipes.
  • Allow yourself some pleasure items.  This may sound obvious, but some folks get so focused on doing everything 100% - when they crash and burn, it happens in one swoop and they become devastated.  "Pleasure Items" are sauces, basic coffee, tea, cake, muffins, and pizza.  I don't count my sauces.  In my fridge, I usually have a few mustards, a bbq sauce, hot sauce, and bleu cheese or ceasar dressing.  If it takes a tablespoon to help me get that chicken down, so be it.  Coffee and tea - it's no surprise that everyone says DON'T DRESS IT UP.  I have one day a week where I go get two bone dry cappuccinos.  I really love coffee.  My favorite bean has to be a Kauai peaberry - it's so smooth.  It's okay to allow yourself one or two (depending on size) fancy espresso drinks.  Also, invest in various tea!  Tea can be so delicious!  Pizza crust - look for cauliflower crust recipes.  Simple Mills makes some great cake mixes that are diet friendly.  Get yourself a doughnut pan and bake up some cake doughnuts; or a muffin tin and make muffins.  Simple Mills also makes a pretty good flatbread that would work for pizza.
  • Before you start, have some ideas for snacks and have them in your kitchen.  My biggest problem is that I don't need to snack during the day, but at night between 6pm-9pm I tend to want a snack.  This is another good reason to give pinterest a try.  Today, I'm actually going to pick up some cucumbers because they make a great chip alternative.  I like piling a little tuna salad on them.
  • Get yourself one or two new pieces of workout clothing.  Sometimes it helps to have a new workout shirt or sports bra or tights or something.  It can just be that extra little bit of motivation you need to get to the gym.  Also, make sure that your shoes are giving you good support.  It is totally worth it to have a pair of great fitting workout shoes.
  • Set some workout goals.  Maybe you want to go from not being able to do a pull up to being able to do 5 of them.  Maybe you want to be able to run a mile faster.  Maybe you want to do 100 sit ups without throwing up.  Whatever your fitness goals are, set them and work towards them.
  • Do it with a friend.  I don't really have anyone that I workout or diet with, but some people really like having a social aspect to all of this.  I guess I just blog.  It can definitely help to have someone to go to the gym with or to talk about recipes with, etc.  Talking about what you are doing can really help you stay motivated.
  • Do a weigh-in ONLY once every one or two weeks.  You always want to start by doing a weigh-in.  With you can track your weight and various body measurements.  You can always add in specific measurements too!  Understand that your body is not going to make overnight changes.  Don't stress about it.  Maybe every Saturday morning you weigh yourself first thing in the morning and measure your limbs while drinking that first cup of coffee.  Maybe it's every other Saturday.  What you're looking for is change!  If there is a change going on (reduction of fat hopefully) you are doing good!  I am not the biggest fan of going by "weightloss" unless it's reasonable.  My goal is to drop 20 lbs of fat.  I figure that will put me somewhere around a size 6 pants.  That sounds reasonable, right?  If you were to look at what I weigh and where that 20 lbs would get me, you would probably think I'm not doing something properly.  Never go by the BMI if you're weightlifting.  Muscle weighs more than fat.  When I was down to a size 4 (like 8 years ago) I weighed about 145/150 lbs.  At 5'3", the BMI says that 145/150 lbs makes me "overweight".  Right now, according to the BMI, I am "obese".  I'm not trying to tell you to go gain weight.  I'm just suggesting that you don't put all your eggs onto the scale.  If you feel good, look good in a bathing suit, have energy all day, feel positive about yourself, and genuinely like the way you are doing it correctly.


  1. I would also add the book "Discipline Equals Freedom" by Jocko Willink. The book lends itself easily to just finding a random page and always getting something that helps. His podcast is also excellent.

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