Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fashion Flop

I have NOT been doing the rockabilly thing lately.  I feel a little fat and unmotivated to dress up.  Maybe it's just the fact that I literally live right above the office.  When all you have to do is venture downstairs for work, the first thing to go is your wardrobe.  Shoot, I didn't even brush my hair today!

I hate to sound like a downer because I'm trying not to be.  It's actually part of my motivation for getting back into shape.  I would like to feel better about myself and start looking nice for work.  I'm just not going to buy a new wardrobe - I'm going to lose size and fit back into what I have.

As it is, I've been told by my family that I'm not allowed to get any of those long cardigan sweaters because they look like robes...and they know I'll live in it.   I'm totally a robe person.

I should think about short term rewards.  I like to do this when I'm serious about losing size.  I usually set my goals like:

  • Fit comfortably into a size 8 - even when bloated
  • Waist = 28"
  • Thighs down by 3"
Pick out some reasonable markers that really aren't based on time (like 1 month, 5 weeks, etc).  My rewards are not food-based.  Instead, it's like: buy a new pair of pants, spend $50 on Amazon, or something akin to that.  I mean, who doesn't like shedding fat, getting something new to wear, and feeling like a million bucks?

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