Sunday, February 11, 2018

Friday Finds! On Sunday

I guess it's time to bring back Friday Finds!  It's Sunday today, so I'm either late or really early.  Who cares, right?

Since I'm in Alaska and it's pretty cold right now, this is geared towards cold weather retro finds.

V Neck Sweater in Kiwi Green - $34.50, Rocket Originals

I love this bright green!  In the winter, I am always seeking out sweaters.  I LOVE Rocket Originals.  I have 4 of their sweaters in my closet.   I have not tried their shoes yet.  This particular sweater also comes in: black, airforce blue, claret, and mustard.

Norma Jeans - $110.67, Freddie's of Pinewood

Need some jeans for the winter?  High quality denim is where it's at.  Wear with saddle shoes, loafers, chucks, boots, or whatever you call "winter footwear".  Pair with a t-shirt and cardigan or a sweater.  If you're curious, there are men's denim over at Freddie's too.

Wildcat! - $44.27, Freddie's of Pinewood

This is a new short-sleeved sweater over at Freddie's.  I am a big fan of black and leopard print, so obviously I love this.  Imagine pairing this sweater with Micheline Pitt's bat-eye sunglasses.

La Riviera Swing Trousers - $62.25, Morello's

Morello's has a denim line of swing trousers, a dark line (Black, Black Pinstripe, Brown & Pink Stripe, Mulberry, Navy, Raspberry, Red, Rust), and a light line (Cornflower, Dogtooth, Green, Green Stripe, Lavender, Mint Stripe, Oatmeal, Pink Stripe, Stone, Turquoise, Pink, Cream).  Fabrics range in weight, so read the descriptions.  These are perfect for the office in the winter.  If you check out Morello's, be sure to check out their coats.  I have one and I love it.

Elvira Queen of Creeps T-shirt - $29.99, Retro-A-Go-Go

For those casual days, why not wear this awesome Elvira t-shirt?!  She's inspired a lot of us to put our best features forward.  Pair with retro denim!

Mid-Heel Fur Thick Plush Pumps - $30.89, New Chic

If you wear skirts to the office, you might want to consider these pumps.  They have a low heel, but still have that retro look.  They come in black, beige, and khaki.

1950s Double Collar Blouse - $48.42, Miss Bamboo

A stylish shirt to wear under a cardigan!  I love the fleck pattern.  This shirt comes in harlequin leaf, turquoise blue fleck, purple fleck, raspberry red fleck, and navy fleck.

Glamour Pants - $168, J. Peterman

These are men's 1940s trousers that are adapted for a woman's body, as per the description.  I have not tried these, but they are on my Christmas list.  They come in 19 colors!  Colors: black, bone, camel, dark camel, sage, slate, aubergine, chocolate, copper, cranberry, dark grey, lilac, Mediterranean blue, misty grey, navy, plum, sand, teal green, and walnut.

1940s Whirlaway Skirt - $92.64, House of Foxy

If you are looking for winter skirts, I urge you towards heavier fabrics such as wool, felt, or velvet.  This particular skirt (wool) comes in tweed, navy, black, red, mustard crepe, and brown check.  I also like that this has a handy pocket.

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