Friday, March 2, 2018

Living The Vintage Life - Introduction

I have a bullet bra on under that sweater!
I have started writing a little guide for anyone who is new to the rockabilly culture.  I'm calling it Living The Vintage Life.  The next few posts will be for this guide.  The hashtag is #vintagelife

I am Jessie, author of Lonely Hepkat (this blog).  I am currently working on a new fashion label, so I've been sewing and designing like there is no tomorrow!  You can check that out at - there isn't anything for sale yet, but SOON!  Hopefully fall/winter I'll have something.

Okay, so I'm Jessie.  I live in Fairbanks, Alaska.  I have a BA in History and a BA in 2D Animation.  I have a few books written and am working on more!  I sew, I cook, I like to bowl (though I'm not great at it), I workout, I <3 coffee, my favorite state is Hawaii, my favorite city is London, and I play multiple instruments.  I always have multiple projects going on.  I have two labradors.  I get a little social anxiety.  I have thyroid issues that I control through diet and exercise, no meds for me.  I love working on logic puzzles, cryptograms, and that sort of stuff, but Penny Press is RIDICULOUSLY easy.

That's a little about me.

I've always loved old stuff.  When I was little, I grew up with old movies (especially Shirley Temple since my mom thought I looked like her), shows like 'Grease', old sci-fi and horror shows (including old school 'Dr. Who' which used to air on PBS), and oldies on the radio (50s/60s/70s).  It really didn't solidify into anything until 6th grade (for me this was the beginning of middle school) during the 93/94 school year.  My best friend at the time, Jeannine, was in love with Elvis, her cello was named Humphrey, and her cello bow was named Bogart.  I had a strong appreciation for the 50s, but that gave way to my other love of dark, creepy shit and I fell into fishnets and black clothing.  Yep, kind of goth.  It wasn't until art school in 2003 that I really started going back to my rockabilly roots.  It was easier to get into things because my best friend at art school, Jhane, was totally into it.  I bought a Stop Staring! dress for art school graduation, 2006, and longed for times to wear it.  Let's skip ahead to Easter 2012.  I was living on the outskirts of Portland, OR and went to my first Viva Las Vegas.  At this point, I was really into the rockabilly culture, but had yet to do much about it.  VLV changed my life.  I came back feeling empowered and pretty much said "fuck this normal shit, I'm dressing how I want to dress because it makes me feel better about myself".
This is my vintage-appropriate style.  You can't
see my saddle shoes, but I am totally wearing them!

Voila!  That's how it was done - me wearing rockabilly stuff day-to-day and not just on the weekends or for special events.

I hate it when people ask how long I've been doing this.  I usually just say "a few years" because it shuts people up.  The real answer is pretty long.

My goal with this guide is to help those who are just starting with the subculture. After all that personal history, I now am in charge of a local pin up pageant (2018 is the 3rd year), I'm designing winter-worthy retro clothes, and I run a facebook group for the rockabilly folk in the state of Alaska.  I guess I also have this blog.

A group of us from Alaska are planning on attending the 2019 VLV.  If you remember that in a year, come find me and say hi!

Next: Living The Vintage Life: Embracing The Community

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