Friday, March 23, 2018

Living The Vintage Life: Projects & Hobbies

 The rockabilly subculture has a great emphasis on a projects and hobbies. If you’re aren’t sure what the difference is between a project and a hobby (and refuse to look at a dictionary), a project is generally a short-term creation with a defined start and finish; a hobby is a long-term interest in a subject. They’re not the same thing.

It’s always best to start with your current interests and hobbies. What do you like to do? What are you interested in? Don’t sell yourself short by saying “well, I’m not going to do it because I’m not good at it”. How will you ever get better if you don’t work at it?

When you start getting into the subculture, you will find that there are a ton of blogs and vlogs (video logs aka youtube channels) where people share their projects and hobbies. It’s not all hair, make-up, and clothing - though you do see a lot of that. You’ll also find stuff on food/cooking, cocktails, history, cars/kustom culture, antiques, art/painting/illustration/pinstriping, tattooing, etc. Most of what you find will be hobby/interest -based blogs and vlogs that have project after project after project.

What have I not see much of? Fitness and diet - sometimes you get a wwii rations diet or something, but not often. More stuff done by guys. Music - I’ve seen live stuff online, but not a blog/vlog that has day to day stuff OR reviews OR anything like that. Films, as a topic. Architecture or home remodeling or interior design. Camping and outdoor adventures. Lounge lizard/exotica culture. Books and comics - reviews or from writers.

Popular Hobbies & Projects
By knowing what’s popular might make it easier to connect with other people. These aren’t limited to having an online presence.
  • Make-up - How to apply, historical styles, reviews
  • Hair - How to style, historical styles, product reviews
  • Fashion - Brand reviews
  • Sewing
  • Food/Cooking - Trying out those weird retro recipes, general vintage recipes, reviewing restaurants
  • Cars/Kustom Culture - Rebuilding, trying out new coat techniques, kustom details, vintage camper trailers, motorcycles
  • Art - Painting, illustration, learning to pinstripe, putting your art onto things and selling, jewelry making, sculpting, photography
  • Music - Playing, listening, reviewing
  • Dancing - Learning, teaching
  • Films
  • Tattooing - Tattooing, art
  • Adventures - Traveling, camping, doing exciting stuff
  • Crafts - Woodworking, knitting, sewing
  • Architecture/Design - Buildings, homes, interior design, remodeling
  • History - wwii, post-war, cold war, cultural or social history of the 40s and 50s, code-breaking

It’s always good to have a few hobbies because it means you can entertain yourself. I didn’t even list everything. Personally, I spend a lot of time writing and am currently working on two comics (which I plan on pitching pretty soon). I know two guys, locally, who put together a radio show up at the local university - like an old school radio theater sort of deal, but with zombies taking over the city. That was a few years ago. The point is: have hobbies and don’t be afraid to do something with them! You might be able to turn a hobby into something you can sell on etsy. You might become the next go-to expert on something, depending on your level of focus.

Some stuff I’ve tried out and blogged about: the rations diet, learning the basics for the trans-atlantic accent, product reviews, sewing projects, and film reviews. I’ve also posted about my mini-adventures.

How To Start
Some people are absolutely sure that they don’t have any hobbies or aren’t into any one thing to warrant it a “hobby”. Take a class or seminar. If you really want to start blogging or vlogging, taking a class or seminar could be its own post/video. Whatever you go with, have fun or it’s not worth doing.

I also want to state that having a blog or vlog can be therapeutic.  You are given a platform to share something with others, you can gather opinions, and you will actually start to feel a bit more inspired to keep doing more.  Also, you get better at whatever your focus is on.

What you're going to find out is that there are SO MANY people out there who can't seem to take on projects or who have very limited hobbies.  They will be so amazed at what you can do!

Up Next: TBD

I really don't know what the next chapter should be on.  What does the peanut gallery suggest?

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