Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Finds!

It's another Friday Finds!  This time around the focus is on swimwear since summer is just around the corner!

At - check out these Sporti brand swim caps!  These run $4-$10 and each design comes in a rainbow of colors.

Also on the same website, check out the brand Creative Sunwear.  These also come in a rainbow of colors and generally run between $4-$12.

For Luna has swimwear ranging from £60-£80.  One pieces, swimdresses, and two pieces.

Esther Williams Swimwear is popular for the Esther Williams suit style.  Prices range from $40-$80.

 Bettylicious is another great brand of retro swimwear.  Prices range from £24-£80.

Wanting something more 20s and 30s?  Sarina Poppy Vintage makes and sells swimsuits that range from $100-$125 range.

Merman Designs on etsy only sells men's designs for $57.33.

Unfortunately, there aren't many options for men when it comes to retro swimwear.

Before I sign off, I would like to tell everyone about my friend's FB blog called Nostalgia a la Mode.  She posts about vintage stuff, but really likes to make the occasional vintage cocktail.  Her latest one is The Aviation. 

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