Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Egg Roll Soup

Egg Roll Soup

2/3 head Green Cabbage
1lb Pork, Ground
8oz Water Chestnuts, Sliced
1/2 Yellow Onion
2 TBSP Bragg's Aminos
1 TBSP Beef Base
1/4 tsp Fennel Seed
1/4 tsp Basil

  1. In a crockpot, add 1 cup of water, bragg's aminos, and beef base.  I use a small crockpot with two heat options - low and high.  I turn it to high.
  2. In a large frying pan, place your ground pork, basil, and fennel seed.  Start browning it.
  3. While your meat is cooking, go ahead and dice up your onion.  You can add this and the water chestnuts to the crockpot.
  4. Check your meat, make sure it's broken up into small crumbles.  You will want to make sure your pork is fully cooked!
  5. Chop up your green cabbage and put this in the crockpot.
  6. Once your pork is crumbled and fully cooked, add it to your crockpot.
  7. Add more water until you just barely see it.
  8. Let this cook in the crockpot for 4-6 hours.
I made this with the intention of having something that was like the inside of an egg roll.  I just can't have soy and I can't have the wanton wrapper.  I was super happy with this recipe.


Nothing big to report on today.

Got through the weekend.  We had the 3rd Annual North Pole Pin-Up Pageant at the Cruis'n With Santa car show.  It seems like it was weeks ago, but it was just a few days ago.  How crazy is that?  After the pageant, I went home and changed, then went out with some friends.  I never really do that and it was appreciated.  We hit Hoarfrost Distillery and had a chance to sample their new beet and allspice infused vodka.  It was SO DELICIOUS! 

I started The Great Purge, as promised.  I have my etsy shop up and running.  I want to see if I can sell anything before getting rid of it.  Lonely Hepkat ETSY Shop - Online Garage Sale!  Everything is $35 or less (except for the Shirley Temple dolls).  I'll be adding more stuff tonight.  I have a few retro men's shirts that I've made from vintage patterns.  You can also find some of my vintage-inspired hand painted fishing lures.


I've decided to start pinstriping again, so after work and the gym today I will venture out for thinner and mineral spirits.  I finally found a supplier in town who sells 1-Shot paint.  I can't believe it took me so long.  I figure that should give me plenty of new stuff to do when I'm not writing.

Ed's self-portrait

I am almost ready to put the finishing details on my comic book pitch.  I just have to crank out two more issues before I feel good about pitching my comic.  The artwork is being done by my friend from art school, Ed Watson.  You can check out his artwork at The Art of Ed Watson. I snagged his self-portrait so you guys can see how talented he is.

The comic book story is a sci-fi/adventure set in space.  Much of it is based around UFO literature, so you may learn something or you might pick up on a few things.  I'm pretty excited about it.  Ed almost has the sample pages done.


I've made it one of my new future goals to move -- always looking for suggestions!  If things go as planned, then: I sell my comic within 4-8 months, visit and make plans for moving to where ever, go to Viva Las Vegas 2019, and then I move.  Once I move, I can get to work on my other comic book idea.

Short term goals: put together a local AK Rockabilly art show with people from the local rockabilly community.  Really work on getting pinstriping under-way.  If I get really good, there is work to be had around here.  At least, that's what the guy at the paint store told me.


If you leave me a suggestion for where to move to here are some things to know:

  • No super big cities
  • Heavy traffic makes me absolutely crazy
  • I have two labrador retrievers
  • No southwest, tornado alley, or deep south.
  • Stuff to do is kind of important - I like to bowl, roller skate, hike, walk around a cute downtown area, spend time in cafes, etc.
  • I am interested in opening up a shop, so there has to be room for economic growth
  • I like being near an airport, at least within an hour of one.
  • I don't mind a little snow, I just don't want extremely cold temperatures.
  • I don't mind the rain.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Angry Times

There is a lot going on in my personal life.  For the last few months, I've been the new specialized bookkeeper at work - working with Masterbuilders, if you're familiar with it.  One day it was basically "Guess what?  You're the new bookkeeper and you still get to remain office manager and there is no immediate raise! Congratulations!"  With a deer in headlights look, I was pretty much like "Well I know what money is and I can write a check.  I know which bank we use.  Credit cards.  Payroll. Progress billing.  I know these words."     Just like that *snap* I was thrown into the pit of specialized bookkeeping.   I was not thrilled then and I'm not thrilled now.

That keeps me in a mildly uncomfortable state of being annoyed.

My dad and uncle have gotten themselves into a HUGE investment mishap.  I won't get into details about it, other than the fact that it's still ongoing and they keep paying the person they "invested" with.  It's probably NOT a good investment if the SEC has been round and round in court with the person/company.

Today is Day 2 when my dad/boss has asked to cash in some hours so he can pay this fraudulent woman.  I feel like an enabler and I do not know what to do.

I first heard about this when I was still in Portland (2012).  My first instinct was "this sounds like a scam, you had better stay away".  It was easy to stay away because I was in a different state.  Parents are super great at guilt-tripping their kids into doing shit.  I moved back to Alaska in Feb 2013.  It took about 2 months of convincing.  Now I feel completely trapped.

I feel like I can't get ahead on things.  I feel like I am trapped.  I need to escape.  I actually feel like I might need to severe ties with my parents until this "investment" thing is over and dealt with.  (NOTE: If you mention that to a sibling, they will tell you that running away is not a good answer.)

I would quit my job, but that's not financially viable at this time.

I have a comic book that I'm writing.  I'm getting the pitch put together while my friend in NYC is getting the sample pages drawn up.  All I can think of is that if I sell this, maybe that can help dig me out of this little hole and I can then move get the fuck out of here.

I'm so stressed out that I'm stress eating food that is not good for me (I try hard not to) and I constantly feel tired and like I'm on the verge of puking.  I don't want to talk to my dad.  I stopped talking to my uncle (he was never really around anyway, so he hasn't really noticed).  I want to punch the investment lady in the face and break her jaw.  I want to slam a coffee mug (not my new one) into someone's face (though I won't because of the headache of the justice system that it would bring on).

I am definitely looking for advice.

This bad investment isn't MY investment.  It really shouldn't be my problem, but...it's my parent's problem.  When is it okay to distance one's self and be like "it's not my problem"?

Also, I'm okay with pissing people off.  I would love to quit and be like "Dad, only YOU can fix this by cutting ties with that investment lady" -- would he listen?  He hasn't listened when the SEC called him regarding the investment.  YEAH.  CRAZY.  I know.

I try so hard to keep personal drama really low.  Bookkeeping - I'm getting it.  I have notes on how to do things and I have help from two other bookkeepers who know the software, if I need them.  Dad and Uncle's fraud "investment"....I just don't know how to deal with it.

On a more personal note, I've been seeing the doctor to figure out what the fuck is wrong with me.  I workout all the time with zero weight/fat loss.  Turns out that I have super low estrogen and my progesterone level was equivalent to a 65+ woman post-menopausal.  Now I'm on some hormone stuff to get everything back to normal, so I now randomly cry if I get too stressed and I get super moody and shit like that.  It does not help me deal with any sort of drama.  In fact, it leaves me wanting to live in sweat pants and a baggy sweat shirt all the time.