Friday, August 3, 2018


Plain day at work
Hey everyone!  I know I haven't posted in a while.  I kept meaning to, but I really didn't feel like I had much to post about.  But hey, I'm back and I have some ideas for this blog and for a new blog and a youtube channel for that other blog and I have a bunch of things going on....

You might be saying to yourself: "I've heard that before.  What's different now?"

My doctor told me "You are severely bored."  Then, he promptly gave me homework.  Seriously.  I am on a restricted keto diet.  I workout all the time; in fact, I have been going to a personal trainer because I was like I must be doing something wrong.  Now, I have to write out 3-7 do-able things to make my life more exciting...and it's really had me thinking about things.

My first and only thought for like 3 days was TRAVEL.  I think I wrote "travel" down on a few different pieces of paper as my #1.  Since I was pretty stumped, I decided to make a different list - What I Do That Is Interesting.  I wanted to keep it brief and ended up with a 2-page bullet list.  That actually helped me create a list of 4 do-able things.  Oh shit.  Am I supposed to make a poster too?  That might be something I have to do.  Guess I'll have to check my paperwork when I get home...cause I'm at work.  (It's a really slow day at work.)

What's on my list?

  1. Travel.  I plan on going to 2019 Viva Las Vegas.  I also am thinking about taking a trip to NOLA in November of this year.
  2. Montly Game Night.  I've been wanting to do this for a while.  I'm not invited to my sister's game night.  I finally got some people to say 'YES'.
  3. Write More.  Yes, write more and more and more...just write until your bones wear through your flesh; then, PUBLISH!  I've been procrastinating on some projects lately, so this is a big one for me.
  4. Blog More.  Yep, get back into blogging and maybe create a youtube channel for vlogging.

So...You Think My Doctor Is Weird...
Someone out there is going to think that my doctor is weird.  Who the hell tells a patient that they are "severely bored"?  I go to a natural medicine doctor.  He's a real doctor.  I had hypothyroidism, but he fixed it naturally.  Now I don't have a thyroid issue (as long as I watch what I eat) and I'm not on medication for the rest of my life.  That was fixed in 2008.  Now in 2018, I found out that my hormones were really out of whack.  Progesterone levels at post-menopausal levels.  Estrogen on the low end of normal.  Yep, at 35 I've had some pretty crazy hot flashes and stuff.  It's been a few months, but I think it's evening out now.  I rarely have a hot flash.  

The question remains: why am I having weightloss issues?  It's the reason why I went back to the doctor in the first place.  We fiddled around with my diet.  I'm working out doing weight lifting and HIIT.  A normal person would have dropped like 20lbs by now.  I've dropped 5lbs, according to the scale.  Now, acting as life coach, he's having me create a more exciting life.  If you've been reading this blog for awhile,  you'll know that when I lived in Portland I dropped down to a size 6.  I might have been alone, but I was doing stuff.  I really am bored and actually have spent the last 5 years joking that I suffer from "excessive boredom".

Get Over It
Just because I'm bored does not mean I'm boring.  I'm really tired of doing shit by myself.  I mean, I don't mind, but sometimes I want to hang with a friend or go do stuff with a friend.  And not my parents...

Most people like to tell me to "get over it" or "you shouldn't rely on others to alleviate boredom".  I would like to point out that I spend most of my time doing things by myself.  I'm to the age where the majority of my friends are married and/or have kids.  They like to use that as an excuse for not doing things.  I really REALLY get tired of hearing all of this from people.

When it comes down to it, not having people to do things with is leaving me more and more socially awkward.

More Blogging

Expect more to come on this blog.  The "other blog" I was talking about is a club that I'm trying to form called the Banger Society.  Its for people who have a strong interest in the afterlife, death, funerary topics, etc.  You can click on the link for more information.

If you would like to keep in shape with me, you can find a daily workout posted via Instagram.  I workout Monday through Friday, not on the weekends.

I'm going to try to do more so I start getting feedback.  It helps if I know that someone is actually reading my stuff.

👉DO YOU have any suggestions for me?  Any places in NOLA that I should check out?  Any blog requests?  Did you check out Banger Society?

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