Monday, August 13, 2018

Goth WOD #1 - Rise Up

One of my new things that I'm going to start posting is Goth WOD (Workout Of Day).  This is put together by myself.  I'll have a full explanation below, along with a picture.  These are intended to be a HIIT and weightlifting workout.  If you are new to working out or aren't sure about a certain exercise, ask someone at your gym if they can demonstrate.  Most gyms have instructors or people who can help you out.  Also, these are common so you should be able to youtube them.  Drink lots of water.  Look for the #GothWOD and #BatFit hashtags!

Rise Up - Goth WOD #1

Warm Up - Stretch, air squat, sit ups, push ups, 2 min vigorous cardio, etc.  Your warm up should be 5-10 minutes.

1000m Row - Use a rowing machine and row 1000 meters.  This generally takes me approx. 5-1/2 minutes.  You can break it up to 2 500m rows with a 1 minute break or whatever.

3 Rounds
20 Box Jumps - From a standing position, jump onto a box.  If you are not a vertically inclined person, start with a 12" tall box.
20 KB Swings - 35lbs is a good weight for most people.
10 Pull Ups - Full pull ups or assisted pull ups.  I recommend the toe assist pull ups for beginners. VIDEO
20 Wall Balls - Use a soft wall ball (not a hard medicine ball).  12 or 15lbs should be good.  Stand 1-1/2 feet from the wall with the ball.  Squat, then spring to a standing position while tossing the ball about 12 feet up along the wall.  Catch the ball, squat, and repeat.

kettlebell swing
wall ball

overhead press

5 rep max Overhead Press
This one is easy to understand.  You use a barbell, held at front shoulder level, and you simple press upward, then bring it back down.  Feet should be shoulder width apart.  Your grip should be just slightly wider than your shoulders.  You will have to move your head when you press upward, unless you want to smack your chin or nose.  Do not hyper-extend your arms.

Start by getting your barbell racked a little lower than your shoulders.  This way you can get underneath it, stand up, and your barbell is where it needs to be in a comfortable manner.  Take a step back from the rack, get your footing to shoulder width, and begin.

Start with just the barbell.  Do 10 overhead presses.  Increase your weight by small increments until you can only do 5.  This becomes your 5 rep max.

AMRAP Assault Bike (aka 20/10 8-rounds on High Tension Bike)
At my gym we have Assault Bikes.  They're high tension stationary bikes.  AMRAP indicates 8 rounds of 20 seconds work with a 10 second break.  If you don't have access to an Assault Bike, just use a regular stationary bike with the tension up high.  This only takes 4 minutes and is a great "cool down" exercise.

20 sec Vigorous Pedaling
10 sec Break

How was your workout?  Leave your comments below!

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