Thursday, August 16, 2018

Goth WOD #3 - Lil Bat

Goth WOD (Workout Of Day)
This is put together by myself. I'll have a full explanation below, along with a picture. These are intended to be a HIIT and weightlifting workout. If you are new to working out or aren't sure about a certain exercise, ask someone at your gym if they can demonstrate. Most gyms have instructors or people who can help you out. Also, these are common so you should be able to youtube them. Drink lots of water. Look for the #GothWOD and #BatFit hashtags!

Lil Bat

Warm Up - Stretch, 2 min vigorous cardio, etc.  5-10 minutes.

1000m Row - Use a rowing machine and row for 1000m.  5-6 minutes.

15-12-9 for 3 Rounds
NOTE: 15-12-9 indicates 3 rounds, but for different reps each round.  First round you do 15 of each thing, second round is 12 of each thing, and third round is 9 of each thing.  Marking a group of stuff with Number-Number-Number should let you know how many rounds you're doing and how many reps per round.

  • KB Clean & Press - 25-35lbs is good.  Make sure you switch sides, so Right, Left, Right, Left, etc.
  • Burpees - Stand, quickly get down to a plank position, do a push up, bring feet towards hands, then jump upwards.  Repeat. (see gif)
  • Box Jumps - Jump onto a box and move into a full standing position, then step down.
Box Jump
KB Clean & Press


50 Pull Ups
Full pull ups or assisted pull ups. I recommend the toe assist pull ups for beginners. VIDEO  This is going to take you a little time.  It's okay to break this down into 5 sets of 10 or whatever.  Get your little bat wings going and get all 50 done!

3 Rounds
10 High Knees - Stand and bring your knees up as high as you can. Right side and Left side = 1
10 Air Squats - Feet should be shoulder width apart.  Squat down.  Knees should be over toes.  Stand.
10 Ring Rows - Rings should be level with each other.  Grab rings, lean back, and pull yourself up to the rings.  Try to bring your hands to the sides of your chest.  Slowly bring yourself back to the starting, leaned back position.

air squat
high knees

ring row

How was your workout?  Leave your questions and comments below!

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