Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Goth WOD #5 - Zombified

Goth WOD (Workout Of Day)
This is put together by myself. I'll have a full explanation below, along with a picture. These are intended to be a HIIT and weightlifting workout. If you are new to working out or aren't sure about a certain exercise, ask someone at your gym if they can demonstrate. Most gyms have instructors or people who can help you out. Also, these are common so you should be able to youtube them. Drink lots of water. Look for the #GothWOD and #BatFit hashtags!


Warm Up - Stretch, 2 min vigorous cardio, etc.  5-10 minutes.

1000m Row - Use a rowing machine and row for 1000m.  5-6 minutes.

3 Rounds
20 Walking Lunges - When you lunge, you want your forward knee to be above the toes, creating a 90-degree angle.  Sink into the lunge a little bit creating your back leg to also form a 90-degree angle.  Stand up and "walk forward" by putting the other foot forward.  See gif below.
20 Ball Slams - For this you will need a medicine ball (aka slam ball) that's roughly 15-20lbs.  Start with the ball on the ground in front of you.  Feet shoulder width apart.  Bend down, pick up the ball, raise overhead, and slam it to the ground.  This is great for relieving aggression!
10 Burpees - We've gone over this before, but here it is again.  Stand, quickly get down to a plank position, do a push up, bring feet towards hands, then jump upwards. Repeat.

weighted walking lunge
ball slam


3 rep max Front Squat
Front squats are not my favorite squat.  It's very similar to a back squat, except the barbell goes along your front shoulders (like where the collar bone is).  Be aware that you will not be able to lift as much as your back squat.  If you know how to do the set up for the back squat, you will have minimal things to change for the front squat.

Start off by trying 10 front squats with just a plain barbell.  You will want to keep your elbows up to keep the barbell in place.  The barbell itself is going to be nestled between your finger-grip, deltoids, and your neck.  If you're new to this, you may be like "hey, I feel a little choked"....yep.  You're not being choked, it's just pressure on your neck base.

As always with these workouts, gradually add weight to your barbell until you hit your 3 rep max.  Take as many breaks as you need to.  There have been times where I can only do 2 squats at a high weight, so I rack my barbell and wait 2 or 3 minutes, then try again.  I can usually do it.   Definitely watch the video below for tips.
front squat

10x3 75% of 5 rep max Deadlifts
We did deadlifts for #2 Pallbearer.  You will need your calculator for this.  Take your 5 rep max weight and multiply by 0.75.  Here's mine: 185lbs x 0.75 = 138.75  All gyms have weights in 5lb increment minimums.  Some have lighter increments.  If you want to round to the nearest 5lb mark, that's cool.  In my case, I could go to 140lbs or 135lbs.

These deadlifts are going to be a little faster than the ones you did for the 5 rep max.  As always, I recommend starting with a light weight on the barbell and doing 10 just to get the motion down/warm up.  You want to do 3 sets of 10 reps.  Go ahead and take a 30-60 second break between each set.

You can read about proper deadlifting by looking back at #2 Pallbearer.

AMRAP Assault Bike (aka 20/10 8-rounds on High Tension Bike)
At my gym we have Assault Bikes. They're high tension stationary bikes. AMRAP indicates 8 rounds of 20 seconds work with a 10 second break. If you don't have access to an Assault Bike, just use a regular stationary bike with the tension up high. This only takes 4 minutes and is a great "cool down" exercise.

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