Accent Files

The Transatlantic Accent (aka Mid-Atlantic Accent) is that old-timey style of speech. It used to be taught in schools until the mid-50s. If you are anything like me, you might have always wanted to use the accent, but felt silly doing so in public. For me, this started a while ago as a desire to just speak like some old movie stars. In my head, I associate the accent with becoming MORE rockabilly and a vintage-lifer, regardless of only a few people still using the accent on a daily basis.

The more I thought about speech and the accent, the more I thought about how I spoke. I mumble, I constantly switch pronunciations of 'vase' and 'aunt' (etc), and I think I often sound ridiculous when I speak. I associate the TA Accent with, gosh this sounds so silly, "something I used to do" and an ideal way of speaking.

If you want to give this a try, I recommend getting Edith Skinner's book Speak with Distinction. I found a used copy on Amazon for a cheap price. I also found it on Google Books. This is considered the TA Accent bible.

Once a week on Thursday, I will post (via google docs) a vocal warm up, a worksheet, weekly word eliminations, and a few videos for you to watch since sometimes it helps to hear the accent. This is not going to be easy, but you have all weekend to practice!

Definitely feel free to join me on the Transatlantic Accent Revival Group, upload your videos, and use the hashtag #TransAtlanticAccent.